Fighting Time Poverty

Fighting Time Poverty

Do you often wish you had more hours in the day? I know I do!  We find ourselves with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Here are 4 ways that McShane Concierge can give back your time:

  • McShane Concierge Attacks Your “TO-DO” List

You have a lengthy list of items that need to be completed each week. By delegating your

“to do” list to McShane Concierge, you are saving time and allowing yourself  to focus on your own business productivity. Why not hire McShane Concierge as a part time personal assistant? An executive client hires McShane Concierge weekly to attend to her personal tasks. The time she spends working and generating revenue is more valuable than the cost of hiring McShane Concierge each week. Not only do I save her time, but I also help her to achieve more balance and feel less overwhelmed.

  • McShane Concierge Manages Your Projects

Because we have industry experience and resources, McShane Concierge can efficiently manage your upcoming move, organizing project, and special event.  If you are having a party, why spend time finding the caterer, florist, photographer and arranging all the details when you can hire McShane Concierge as the project manager? This allows you to focus your time on other important areas such as family, health and career.

  • McShane Concierge Sets Up and Maintains Organizational Systems

Do you waste time dealing with paper piles? Having a filing system in place that you actively utilize helps to save time when retrieving important documents.   Organizational systems can also be established in closets, garages, home offices, and book shelves.  Purging clothes, household items, and old unattended-to hobbies is a huge part of organizing. Purging quarterly keeps you better organized, plus, creates an uncluttered, peaceful environment to work and live in, which can ultimately lead to increased productivity.

  • McShane Concierge Manages Your Household

This is one of my favorite jobs!  I truly enjoy working with my client to handle all their household needs. This includes setting up bill pay for utilities, budgeting and maintaining QuickBooks, managing calendars, hiring and supervising repair personnel and vendors, grocery shopping, gift shopping/ wrapping, assisting with philanthropy events, tax preparation, car maintenance, pet care, arranging travel, general errands and anything that has to do with saving my clients’ time and keeping them from feeling overwhelmed by time pressure

Time Poverty is an epidemic but there is a cure. You can liberate time and spend more of this precious currency on the things that are most important to you. Think of me as your personal trainer for reclaiming your life from tedious, time consuming burdens. You will be motivated and inspired. Let’s make a date! Contact McShane Concierge today for a free consultation.

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McShane Concierge exists as a solution to solve an enormous and growing problem, “time poverty.” The majority of Americans are stressed out over not having enough time. Additionally, most of our precious time is spent doing tasks that have to be done rather than what we want to do. My purpose is to do them for you and liberate your time and energy for what matters most. The company specializes in project management, event planning, organization, travel arrangements, general errands, and concierge services suitable for any lifestyle. McShane Concierge provides assistance, offers creative solutions, alleviates the stress of being over committed and restores balance to your life. Live life to the fullest and don’t be a victim of “time poverty!”